Happy to be on Standby?

Once out of the news, the refugee crisis is easy to sweep under the carpet as we move onto the next global tragedy. This crisis however is far from over. Here in the UK, far fewer than the promised number of refugees were admitted to the country through the Dubs Amendment, however some are now arriving, and need our help.

Merton Welcomes Refugees was established not as another charity or trust, but as a place for local residents to offer their skills, services, spare rooms or spare cash, to those who need it most.

As admins (Jackie, John and friends) when required, we will call upon the ever-growing database to hopefully continue to supply the needs of those in our area who are far from their home. This is our collective way of offering a hand of friendship to the most vulnerable in Merton.

Note: It is still very rare that we have had to call upon the kind offers, but some of you will have been contacted.  There is no judgement if you feel you cannot offer what you have put forward by the time a need arises, we understand that situations change.  Please do pass this onto anyone else you know in Merton who may want to offer something.

To whet your appetite – could you offer any of the following?

  • Collecting resources (e.g. clothes)
  • Befriending/mentoring
  • Helping with youth groups
  • Offering temporary accommodation
  • Fostering
  • Speaking to the media
  • Writing letters to local press/commenting on websites
  •  Art/music/craft/sport projects
  •  Making food
  •  Delivering parcels
  •  Offering a professional skill
  • Making a regular donation to a local refugee charity
  • Joining the steering group
  • ?????????

If you answered yes to any of the above – simply fill in this short form to get involved.