About Us

We are well aware that millions of people have been forced to flee their homes, to run for their lives and risk the safety of their families due to war, persecution, political instability and economic breakdown. Many of them are travelling to Europe, looking for safety and hope.


As a response to this, residents, community groups, workers and faith groups of Merton gathered together in September 2015 to share their compassion, and offer practical suggestions to help offer refugees who arrive in Merton a decent, warm and meaningful welcome.

At this meeting, many fantastic, creative ideas and offers of help were presented. Some of which were already in operation, and others which inspired us to believe that there is so much we can do (big and small) to make a positive difference to the lives of newcomers to our corner of London.

From this a steering group of local volunteers representing many aspects of community life in Merton was formed. This group exists to encourage the people of Merton to be welcoming to refugees; to collate and disseminate useful information on ways to support them; and to work with existing schemes (be it the local council or voluntary organisations) in their efforts to support refugees in Merton.

We are ordinary people, from all walks of life, beliefs, organisations, ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. We do not represent any one political standpoint, and seek only to provide a positive and meaningful welcome to refugees who will come to Merton. What a beautiful thing (well, we think so anyway).


To get in contact with us email mertonwelcomesrefugees@gmail.com